December 27, 2004
On this day:

Merry Christmas

Now this is one stocking filler I missed ... boo hoo
But she'll help me get over it

And now Christmas is over I'm thinking about hitting the beach
But I guess I better get a swimsuit (or is that a bikini?) first


So ... been locked up in solitary and only one thing to think of bitty. So I present to you:

Oh yeah and some nicely lit bodyscapes.

Short break

So I've been punished for the Xmas period for various naughty crimes including being drunk and disorderly and stealing candy from babes

As you may know, the uberBitch is 5' 6" with DD, just have a look here for proof. Now contrary to theGoose's opinion, Mrs Convict does exist and I don't have to call her Big Bubba, in fact she is my bitch. Mrs Convict has a bit more on the uberBitch in that she's 5' 6" and FF. Which, although she's nice don't get me wrong, leaves the uberBitch in the shade by comparison.

If I get round to it I'll post before the New Year, if not, you'll have to wait.

Short break

So I've been punished for the Xmas period for various naughty crimes including being drunk and disorderly and stealing candy from babes

BTW, the uberBitch is 5' 4" and has DD. Mrs Convict (yes Goose she does exist and I hardly ever call her Big Bubba, my bitch is more usually the case) is 5' 6" and is FF ... yippee for me. As theGoose and any others in the UK would know .... it's time for bitty ..... mwuahahahaha!!!!!

December 20, 2004
On this day:

Xmas holiday

In the words of Boney M
Hooray, hooray
It's a holi-holiday

And guess what, I'm sat here with the delectable Mrs Convict (bitch at her request) enjoying a nice bottle of whickey being totally unable to type the words that are runnign around my head. So for all of those of y'all (when did I become a Texan?) that are still at work .......


I will post as and when I can be bothered and when I'm not tooooooooo drunk, like now for instance ... heeeheee.

Yes my love, I'm coming ...... what's that, oooooh the .......



Want a laugh or love comics? Have a look at the top 10 web comics of 2004
Interview with a Xmas sex toy (some pics NSFW)
For those of you who like to satisfy your inner child
Stay indoors, keep toasty warm and still enjoy the nordic games
Follow the progress of Honda's ASIMO robot project
Xmas flash where you can play with Santa's reindeer
Game - Why did the chicken cross the road
WTF is this about??

December 17, 2004
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First there was slingshot santa from theGoose

Now there's Elroy learns to fly

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Son: Dad, a Ferrari's a red car with a horse isn't it?
Dad: Yes son, why?
Son: One's overtaking us on the right.

Chopping wood

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After a promising start it seems that no one is leaving any comments. What is the matter with you people??

Leaving comments ensures that I can tailor the content of this blog to current trends and it's piss easy as well. Look under a post and you'll see a Comments link, click on that and type something at the bottom of the pop-up window, click OK. It only takes about 10 seconds max which is not a lot of time out of your surfing is it?

I don't care if it's abuse, just take a look at the sort of thing that some of us get up to by reading the posts and comments here and here.


Some video links for you today.
Guy back flips off a roof
When you get the chance, go and see a glacier ... just don't get too close
Ah Dungeons and Dragons, a peaceful game
For the uberBitch. Aaawww in't they cute?
Ketchup or beer ... uuurgh!
Evidence that DNA took a test drive with Ferrari and at La Mans
I wouldn't mind her phone number

December 16, 2004
On this day:

Girls, girls, girls

Apparently Motley Crue are to start touring again so I put this together in their honour.

Following on from theGoose's Canadian girl theme here's Tera
Sugar and spice and all things nice ...erm apart from the last close up
Here's a little devil called Dita
Now you need to see some angels via the archangel herself; the uberBitch

You can see more girls at babes of theGoose, Coolio's Babe's and Flip's babelog

For the women there's Hunk Heaven

December 15, 2004
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Having perused this site brought to my attention by the uberBitch I realised that everyone kisses to one side. I kiss with my head tilted to the right as does my warden Mrs Convict and as far as I can remember (we've been imprisoned now for 18 years) neither of us had to change sides so to speak.

Question of the day: Do you prefer to kiss as a leftie or a rightie?


I wear contacts most of the time and when I'm not I always find that my glasses are falling off my nose. Finally someone has come up with the answer

Now for some games

Yippee ... and Coco Pops are one of my favourite cereals
Alias. Use A and D to move left and right and space to jump. Mouse controls weapon.


Maybe you fancy twins instead, like the Dupri twins and more here

Hottest woman ever ... possibly

Elin Grindemyr is one hottie and you can see more of her here

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Hottest woman ever ... not

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Something for the missus

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To tired to post after smashing up my cell cos of theGoose
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And also cos of the uberBitch's t-shirt pics which can also be viewed at Fu-qtoo's if you follow the Fu-Qtoo Fans link.

December 14, 2004
On this day:

Caption this

Netlitter is moving

Net Litter has moved onto blogger.

Sex Education

I have just read this article about Bush's expenditure on abstinence-only sex ed classes with total disbelief. I'm in my mid thirties and was mainly brought up by my mother. Whenever I had a question about sex I knew that I could approach her at any time for the answers.

How did I know this? At age 8 or 9 my mother bought me a book which explained, in detail, the process of conception which I read with her; and later lent to one of my girlfriends, who's mother had tragically died, so that she could explain the facts of life to her younger sister. My mum also took me to my primary school to watch a sex education film which was shown for the parents' benefit. As we watched the film a 'mother' noticed me and in a not too quiet voice announced her astonishment as to the fact that my mum was allowing me to watch such a film. My mum turned round to the (probably) uptight bitch and asked "Should I let him find out from his friends in the playground or give him the facts?"

That moment has stuck with me throughout my life and I have always answered the questions regarding sex that my kids, and relatives kids, have presented to me. At one point my brother got a bit narked with me because I explained the anatomy of a penis, with drawings, to my nephew. I have also watched several documentaries (no not everything I watch is porn and cartoons) on teenage pregnancies and attitudes towards sex based on the teachings, or lack of, by their parents.

I think that spending $170 million on an abstinence-only and until marriage programme is wrong in itself let alone a programme that isn't even based on facts!!! It will not stop teenagers from exploring each others' bodies and having sex. It is the classic case of telling a child not to look in the cupboard, eventually the child will look. The money could and should be used for better sex education with proper facts and freely available throughout a child's school life.

The programme probably follows Bush's beliefs and those of his followers and supporters; many of whom are pushing for policies which lean towards a particular religious doctrine. Now don't get me wrong, I accept your right to believe in which ever spiritual guide that gives you faith. What I do not, and cannot accept, is any religious body dictating the lives of people with myths and falsehoods.

Questions of the day:
What sort of approach did your parents take to sex education? Did they tell you what it was factually? Did they forbid you from discussing it until you were married?

Political religion - good or bad?


For those of you that haven't been to Fu-qtoo's to check out the t-shirts here's a sample of what they can provide. And here's the lovely model's site.

December 13, 2004
On this day:

Pictures, art and videos

Sorry DNA but this card is a bit late
Some wierd photos here
After the brownies spoof, here's another kid on the beach
Supposedly it's art ... I dunno
Is that a zoom lens in your pocket? For the photographers among you
Nice babe pics with Christmas theme - some NSFW
Remember Playboy's Girls from McDonalds photoshoot? Well here's the video for Shawna, Randy and Wanda's photoshoots - all NSFW
With Goose's latest photoshopping spree, DNA and uberBitch may well want to take a peek at this site
Some stupid bint Canada bashing for the uberBitch

And as there's only 12 days to Christmas make sure you pop over to Fu-qtoo's and check out the t-shirts.

December 12, 2004
On this day:

Christmas poem

He laid her on the table, so white and clean and bare
His forehead wet with beads of sweat, he rubbed her here and there
He touched her neck then felt her breast
Then drooling felt her thigh
The slit was wet and all was set
He gave a joyous cry
The hole was wide
He looked inside
All was dark and murky
He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms
And then he stuffed the turkey

Sexual Excitement

When a woman is sexually excited her nipples get hard, her pussy starts quivering. What's her arse doing?

He's down the pub having a pint!

December 11, 2004
On this day:


Expect a meteor shower Monday night
The shower project
All about comets and meteor showers
The Chicago Air Shower Array
Edit your own Psycho shower scene
Do you take a shower?
Game: Shower Power
One for the uberBitch, a pole dancer shower curtain
One way to wake up in the shower. Coffee shower soap wtf??
Course after you've showered you've got to get dry
Shower pranks
How to have sex in the shower. Carefully in my case!!

Question of the day: Do you prefer to have a bath or a shower?

December 09, 2004
On this day:

First post

Let's see how this looks shall we?