January 30, 2007
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By popular demand

Here's me getting my 5 minute jollies.

January 24, 2007
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Snow pinball

Or how not to drive in the snow.

January 19, 2007
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A to Z meme

Heartfelt thanks go to Piggy for tagging me with this meme. The cunt.

A - available / single? Neither. Married to Mrs C or Tatas if you know us from ameegos

B - best friend? Tatas of course

C - Cookie, fave cookie? Any with dark chocolate chips. Keep the white chocolate for Milkybars.

D - drink of choice? Alcoholic preferably. I like a decent red wine, whiskey or a flavoured vodka that my Polish friend keeps sourcing for me.

E - essential item you use everyday? Computer. Being a programmer I find it useful.

F - favourite colour? Blue, especially Yamaha R1 blue for the 1998 model.

G - gummi bears of worms? If gummi bears are jelly babies then gummi bears.

H - hometown? As I grew up in a village it'll have to be the town I spent most of my time in which would be Chatham, birthplace of the Chav.

I - indulgence? Scoffing a whole pecan nut or treacle tart with some ice cream.

J - January or February? February as that's the month of Tatas' birthday.

K - kids & their names? Two. Argumentative (daughter) and whinge (son).

L - life is incomplete without? Motorbike racing at the weekend. Unfortunately it's only watching it on TV.

M - marriage date? 3rd August 1996

N - number of sibling? One brother who I miss and I wished I could see more often; one step-brother who I hardly see which is no skin off my nose as we don't get on and the youngest step-brother who I wished I could see more often. I'm the eldest if you're wondering.

O - orange or apple? Apple, everytime I think of oranges I think of the Frank Bough incident.

P - phobias / fears? Haven't come across any phobias. Fear of ending up a vegetable and being forced to stay alive with no quality of life.

Q - favorite quote? "I didn't hear me say anything." When confronting my then 3 year old son because I heard him swear. He delivered this line with a face of complete innocence.

R - reason to smile? It's Friday.

S - season? Summer when I can ride on dry roads and chill out in the pool with Tatas.

T - tag 4 to 5 People? Goose, Badger, Flip, Sniffy, SID

U - unknown fact about me? Erm, there are no unknown facts about me I think.

V - vegetable U don't like? Parsnips. Pure poison as far as I'm concerned. The rest of the family love them though.

W - worst habit? Seeing how many fag butts I can lift out of the ashtray with a really sticky bogey.

X - X-ray you've Had? Pretty much everything following a motorcycle accident.

Y - your favourite food? Tough one cos there are so many. Tatas' stew is a favourite though.

Z - zodiac sign? Aries. Shit, same as Piggy!

January 04, 2007
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I'm not going to be posting for a while as Tatas, or Mrs C, has recently had an operation to repair a prolapsed disc. The operation has gone well and she should be out of hospital by the weekend if she behaves herself and follows the instructions of the medical staff. This isn't as easy as it sounds as she never stays still for more than about a minute, including when she's asleep! Once she's recovered I'm probably going to be buried in work so in the mean time have a look at the links on the left to keep yourselves amused.