March 06, 2006
On this day:

1000bhp per tonne

Developed by engineers that helped deliver the iconic McLaren F1, the T1 is a new
uncompromised and unconstrained sports car that sets new boundaries in performance and driver experience and enjoyment. Unrivalled, extremely high speed and amazing dynamic performance envelope.

The T1 is a road going and track day 2 seater sports car using aerospace and high formula racing technologies whilst delivering optimum safety and accident protection.
An extremely lightweight sports car that is capable of delivering true ‘aerodynamic’ high speed performance, the T1 delivers a new level of acceleration, cornering and braking to the driver at 3g+ via its 1000 bhp/tonne performance specifications.

The T1 will deliver cost effective and reliable performance with vehicle support solutions tailored to the owners requirements.

FreeStream Cars T1

Maximum speed > 322kmh (200mph)
0 to 160kph (0 to 100mph) < 5 seconds
0 to 96kph (0 to 60mph) < 2.5 seconds
Lateral Acceleration up to 3g+
Braking Deceleration up to 3g+

I can guarantee that I know one DNA cowboy who'd happily lose a few limbs for this stunning, British built FreeStream Cars T1.

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