February 26, 2007
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Just a load of links that I can't be arsed to build individual posts around so I've lumped the whole lot together. Some are interesting, some are cultural, some are weird, some are shit. Do I care?

http://mindbluff.com/askread.htm - how fast do you read
http://web.syr.edu/%7Ebwlee/fun_stuff/shii_song.swf - Shii is a lonely little flash kitty living in a cardboard box who sings the most heart wrenching song ever. The song is called 'Winds Nocturne' and originally comes from the Japanese game Lunar.
http://www.newsandentertainment.com/zfalienh.html - Alien hominid, shootout game
http://www.zefrank.com/matches/index2.html - matchstick puzzles
http://www.teddyscares.com/ - teddy scares, buy one for the ex-girlfriend
http://lowbrowlowdown.com/punkrockkitchen/ - punk rock kitchen
http://tattoosandtoys.com/ - fan based tattoos, includes star wars, transformers and gi joe
http://homokaasu.org/gasgames/ - small games to keep you occupied
http://www.onlineconversion.com/ - convert just about anything to anything
http://www.learnersonline.com/weekly/index.htm - weekly online lessons
http://www.sfskids.org/templates/splash.asp - San Fransisco symphony site where kids can learn about classical music through fun and games. They can even compose their own music with the "Composerizer"
http://www.thebanmappingproject.com/ - mapping project of findings in Egypt
http://www.buddhanet.net/ - The ultimate cyber sangha (Buddhist assembly) has to be Buddhanet.net. Among the coolest features are tons of free mp3s with Chinese Buddhist Songs as well as web based meditation classes. Use the "World Buddhist Directory" to find specific buddhism information for your area.
http://www.hotscripts.com/ - web based script resource site
http://www.in-the-spirit.co.uk/index.php - definitive guide to cocktails
http://www.pantheon.org/ - Encyclopedia mythica, mythology from around the world
http://www.pixelgirlpresents.com/ - free icons and desktops
http://mathworld.wolfram.com/ - algebra made easier
http://www.jref.com/ - everything you want to know about Japan, English language site
http://geekphilosopher.com/MainPage/photos.htm - online resource for free images
http://www.biblical-art.com/ - biblical art
http://web.dachser.com/deu/service/global_player/spiel.htm - logistics game
http://www.funbrainteasers.com/ - brain teasers
http://lightertricks.com/index.php - zippo lighter tricks
http://games.ztor.com/tang/ - piece together old Chinese puzzles from the available triangles and squares.
http://www.exploratorium.edu/ancientobs/chichen/flash.html - Take a virtual tour of the Mayan observatory of Chichén Itzá. Learn about the sky watching expertise of the ancient Mayans and be awed by their knowledge.
http://www.gamesarcade.net/curling/ - puppy curling
http://www.centuryinshoes.com/ - 20th century shoes
http://www.onlinecomics.net/pages/ - online comics
http://www.crashbonsai.com/ - bonsai crashes.
http://www.whereisjesus.com/index.php - Where's Jesus - find jesus in pics
http://www.head-hunter.com/ - history of the Shuar shrunken heads
http://www.gutenberg.org/ - free books. Mostly classics
http://www.makaimedia.com/games/game_frame.aspx?gid=96 - Sea dogs, pirate game
http://www.storyabout.net/typedrawing/ - type drawing, draw using text for the lines
http://soyouwanna.com/ - so you want to learn something new
http://galleryoftheabsurd.typepad.com/ - satirical art updated weekly
http://www.jaguarurbangolf.co.uk/ - online games
http://www.bobbyneeladams.com/age.html - young and old pics of the same person spliced together
http://www.idiomsite.com/ - idioms
http://www.adesblog.com/?p=46 - button makers
http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2005-07/uoc--ucc071505.php - nano valve
http://www.deadbrain.co.uk/news/article_2005_07_18_3851.php - spoof council tax article
http://www.liquidgeneration.com/blog/lohan/blogger.html - Spoof stars blogs, starts with Lindsay Lohan, others are linked
http://www.geekblue.net/archives/2005/07/badonkadonk_mou.html - nice mouse


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