June 28, 2006
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Speed cameras; when will it end

A survey carried out by Car Parts Direct has revealed that over 268,000 drivers are now banned from driving and millions of pounds are being paid out in speeding fines.

Thousands of motorists are losing their jobs, freedom and ability to earn a living.

82% of speed camera victims thought they were driving safely at the time of their conviction and were just unfortunate to be doing a few miles over the limit.

65% thought their speeding ticket was totally unjustified and felt cheated.

Source: Association of British Drivers

Despite receiving fierce criticism lately over the Greater Manchester "Book Of Tricks" and the fact that a study by Oxford University and the South East Regional Public Health Group showing that, in fact, speed cameras do not assist in road safety; a new super speed camera described as the "Daddy of all speed cameras" is being looked at for use in the UK.

The quote at the end particularly sticks in my throat:
"Cash-greedy safety camera partnerships will find the hi-tech, low-maintenance device a pretty attractive proposition and something they can't ignore."

If you are concerned or even just fed up with the way the Government continues to ignore or manipulate statistics to their own advantage thus allowing them to enforce laws that, intentionally or not, mean that everyday, professional, honest people are now being treated like criminals unless they can prove their innocence then take a look at the following sites.

Safe Speed
Association of British Drivers

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