April 11, 2005
On this day:

Meme meme meme, it's all about meme

1) Did you have a desire to just die at one point in your life? No
2) You are about to be executed in five minutes. What do you do? Any
last words? Take some crack just to see what the buzz is like ... hey I'm going to be dead in 5 minutes remember!
3) Do you believe in life after death? I'm interested in Bill Bailey's views on reincarnation. If you haven't seen Part Troll yet, rent it.
4) What violent crime or natural disaster are you most likely (or would
rather choose) to die from? Getting hit by a meteorite, it worked for the dinosaurs
5) Do you believe in ghosts? Only Casper
6) Who/what do you think you were in the past life? A Gaboon viper, see number 3
7) And the one before that? A Bush viper
8) If you are to resurrect a dead person, who would it be? Elvis, so I could kill him for having to listen to his music for tooooo long
9) Describe your weirdest dream/experience. Having a car side-swipe me and staying on my bike. Even the witnesses didn't know how I did it.
10) What mental disease are you most likely to develop? Tourette's I'm f***ing half way there c**t f**k
11) What extraordinary ability do you have? I can clear a room just by farting
12) Which of the seven deadly sins describes you most? Pissedasafartedny
13) Which tarot card do you think you are? The unlucky one
14) If you are to go back to medieval age, what 3 things would you take with you? Mrs C, the designs for a steam engine and a pharmaceutical scientist
15) Which war (battles, crusades, missions, campaigns etc.) would you have enjoyed to participate in? The Peacekeeper Wars
16) You are to switch soul with a member of the opposite sex, who do you choose? Mrs C to see just what it's like when she squirts
17) Would you choose to be tortured in exchange of something you really desire? If the torture invloves being sexually abused by several hot women then I'd consider it
18) What is the weirdest word you've heard? You may invent one if you can't find any I think I just did in 12
19) What do you believe in that most would find unbelievable? That I am a sex god who is worshipped by millions of women

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