March 18, 2005
On this day:

What chemical element are you?

Si... Silicon
You scored 42 Mass, 29 Electronegativity, 34 Metal, and 10 Radioactivity!

Interesting. Take a bunch of really common person-elements and throw
them together to get something truely exceptional... that's you. You
are probably someone that gave up on trying to understand society at
large a long time ago. You don't fear it, but you don't try to be one
with it either. You are more or less unperturbed by things... if a
problem comes up you might deal with it, or you might avoid it...
whatever. You don't take kindly to people pushing you around, and you
don't really push anyone else around. You're probably the only one that
can tame oxygen simply because you don't understand it's raging
neediness, but that doesn't mean that you'll really enjoy having a tame
oxygen hanging around all that much either. You can probably get along
with people like yourself really well, but you aren't your own
soulmate... if only they could make entire colonies of people like you
you'd be stoked. Just like you don't understand society, society
doesn't understand you... and yes that is my excuse for not knowing how
to describe you better.

How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 42% on Mass
You scored higher than 37% on Electroneg
You scored higher than 5% on Metal
You scored higher than 37% on Radioactivity
Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test

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