December 05, 2007
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Old People

When I get old and decrepit I want to be put in a home similar to Haslemere Home for the elderly. It seems that the residents still keep their sense of humour. That or they're given some really good drugs.

The Haslemere home for the elderly, in Great Yarmouth, England, achieved a certain notoriety when in September 1960, Gladys Elton, an 81 year old resident of the home, for reasons best known to herself conceived the idea of performing a striptease for her fellow residents of the home; unfortunately such was the effect of Elton's performance that it caused the death of one resident by way of a cardiac arrest and necessitated the treatment for shock of five other residents.

The same home went on to achieve more "fame" the next year when another resident, 87 year old Harry Meadows killed another 3 residents through dressing up as the grim reaper and and peering through the residents' lounge window whilst holding a scythe. As a result of this the home was forced to shut.


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