November 08, 2007
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Bad driving

A FOREIGN trucker got trapped for THREE DAYS after being sent up a narrow country lane by his sat-nav.

Czech Yuro Odehnal’s 40-ton, 35ft lorry became wedged between its banks and blocked by an overhead pipe.

When he tried to reverse, his wheels simply spun on the unclassified road’s slippy surface.

Yuro, 45, spent the weekend sleeping in his cab until his bosses hired a tractor to tow him out of the isolated spot a mile from Ivybridge, Devon.

But he did have one piece of luck – kindly locals Tim Auburn and wife Marina gave him three meals a day.

Son Mat, 19, said: “This isn’t the first time lorries have been misdirected up here.” Yuro is now back in Prague.

Reported at The Sun

I've had a closer look at the pictures, looks like Smunty was driving.

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