June 11, 2007
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Another different type of police

There was me thinking you only had to stop for a uniformed officer. How long after this change before people start getting car jacked by criminals in VOSA uniforms?

Motorists face being clamped and fined at the roadside by an army of uniformed Government inspectors, it has emerged.

Drivers whose vehicles are judged unroadworthy, have overly tinted windows, lack a valid tax disc or MoT will be subject to being pulled over by examiners from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency, if new proposals are accepted.

It is planned to give the 560 VOSA inspectors - who wear black uniforms, peaked hats and yellow jackets - powers previously held only by the police to issue fixed penalty fines.

And their workload, which currently focuses on commercial vehicles, will extend to private motorists.

Under the proposals, if they find that a car has already been banned from the road - or believe the driver is likely to ignore the fixed penalty fine - they will have powers to immobilise the vehicle.

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