April 19, 2007
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Pay back for cutting up on the A2

Pay back for cutting up on the A2 was found on MCN. The joys of being a biker.

I thought I would put pen to paper with an amusing biking tale that happened to me recently.

I regularly commute to London on my FZ6N travelling up and down the dreaded A2.

On this journey there never fails to be some sort of incident and this ride home proved no exception. There had been an accident on the A2 and the outbound route was stationary.

Now I am not a fast filterer as I think it's dangerous at high speed but I do like to plod along at my own pace and then get out of the way when necessary.

While filtering I was keeping my usual vigil for all the tell tale signs of a tin box about to cut lanes and all looked good until a white flat back van closed the gap in front of me so that I couldn't get through.

This phenomenon is becoming common place and has been discussed in MCN before but on this occasion he did it so late that I had no other option but to carry on.

BANG….. my left hand mirror hit his and after a few well chosen words in my helmet I carried on thanking my lucky stars that my mirror wasn't broken and I was okay.

Within a mile I had a GSX-R600 right up behind me beeping and flashing his lights, I thought there was further damage to my bike that he was warning me of so I pulled over and he followed.

As the guy lifted his visor he was crying with laughter, he told me that he had seen the BAST@~* cut me off and then filled me in of what happened next … Apparently I had knocked the Vans giant, electric, heated wing mirror and the glass popped right out with the electrics hitting the floor and amazingly staying in one piece, the van man had turned the air blue at me as I left.

On then seeing his mirror in one piece on the floor, he was unable to believe his luck until my new friend on his GSXR ran over it for me……

Still makes me smile now……

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