March 21, 2007
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Kids went to bed Monday night as per. 2 hours later son gets up and hurls. Great thinks I as he has a habit of working himself up into a high state of anxiety and excitement before his birthday, which was yesterday. He finishes and goes back to bed. An hour or so later everyone is in bed.

Fast forward into the small hours of Tuesday morning and I wake up because my stomach's making funny noises; nothing unusual there either. About an hour later I run to the toilet where the contents of my stomach decide that they need to get past the u-bend at the speed of sound. In a weakened state I crawl back into bed shivering with a fever.

Two hours later I'm following my son's example and hurling the small amount of stomach contents that missed the u-bend express and have decided to make their own way using the alternative route.

Spent hours in bed, shivering and sleeping while desperately trying not to burp or fart. Tatas comes in later with a cup of tea and asks how I feel. I enquire as to the time 3:30!!!!! Get up manage some dry toast and a banana. Go to bed and sleep right round til this morning.

Next time my son says he wants me home for his birthday I'll book the day off. It's definitely less stressful!

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