January 19, 2007
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A to Z meme

Heartfelt thanks go to Piggy for tagging me with this meme. The cunt.

A - available / single? Neither. Married to Mrs C or Tatas if you know us from ameegos

B - best friend? Tatas of course

C - Cookie, fave cookie? Any with dark chocolate chips. Keep the white chocolate for Milkybars.

D - drink of choice? Alcoholic preferably. I like a decent red wine, whiskey or a flavoured vodka that my Polish friend keeps sourcing for me.

E - essential item you use everyday? Computer. Being a programmer I find it useful.

F - favourite colour? Blue, especially Yamaha R1 blue for the 1998 model.

G - gummi bears of worms? If gummi bears are jelly babies then gummi bears.

H - hometown? As I grew up in a village it'll have to be the town I spent most of my time in which would be Chatham, birthplace of the Chav.

I - indulgence? Scoffing a whole pecan nut or treacle tart with some ice cream.

J - January or February? February as that's the month of Tatas' birthday.

K - kids & their names? Two. Argumentative (daughter) and whinge (son).

L - life is incomplete without? Motorbike racing at the weekend. Unfortunately it's only watching it on TV.

M - marriage date? 3rd August 1996

N - number of sibling? One brother who I miss and I wished I could see more often; one step-brother who I hardly see which is no skin off my nose as we don't get on and the youngest step-brother who I wished I could see more often. I'm the eldest if you're wondering.

O - orange or apple? Apple, everytime I think of oranges I think of the Frank Bough incident.

P - phobias / fears? Haven't come across any phobias. Fear of ending up a vegetable and being forced to stay alive with no quality of life.

Q - favorite quote? "I didn't hear me say anything." When confronting my then 3 year old son because I heard him swear. He delivered this line with a face of complete innocence.

R - reason to smile? It's Friday.

S - season? Summer when I can ride on dry roads and chill out in the pool with Tatas.

T - tag 4 to 5 People? Goose, Badger, Flip, Sniffy, SID

U - unknown fact about me? Erm, there are no unknown facts about me I think.

V - vegetable U don't like? Parsnips. Pure poison as far as I'm concerned. The rest of the family love them though.

W - worst habit? Seeing how many fag butts I can lift out of the ashtray with a really sticky bogey.

X - X-ray you've Had? Pretty much everything following a motorcycle accident.

Y - your favourite food? Tough one cos there are so many. Tatas' stew is a favourite though.

Z - zodiac sign? Aries. Shit, same as Piggy!

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