August 22, 2006
On this day:

How stupid are the authorities getting?

Well I can tell you that the authorities in the UK are getting so stupid that they are on the verge of lunacy.

Firstly, we have the man who was fined £75 for flicking his fag ash out of the window while driving.

Secondly, we have the editing of smoking from Tom and Jerry cartoons because of one, yes you read that correctly, one complaint!!!!

Then thing is that the government are wondering why 13% [of people interviewed ]said they were hoping to in the near future, almost twice the number asked the question in 2003. Britons are constantly having more restrictive laws applied to them such as the one that allows local councils to seize a house if it is unoccupied for six months but this will not apply to Ministers!!!

I am seriously considering joining that 13%!!!

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