September 29, 2005
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Here in the UK there seems to be a variety of punishments for speeding and other driving offences with no consistency. In fact the UK has the most draconian laws aimed at the motorist in probably the whole of the world according to the Association of British Drivers; an excellent resource for the multitude of ways that the government have taxed the UK motorist.

Recently we have discovered that 101 policemen have been caught speeding and only 6 punished. On top of this an eleven year old boy caught driving a BMW who, despite the fact that he has no licence, has been banned from driving! Ok, when he gets his licence he gets 9 points on it straight away, 12 and you are banned, but even so it's not much of a deterrent is it?

So, the question that requires answering is Should speed limits be banned? Bear in mind that speeding is only considered to be a factor in something like 5% of accidents.

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