August 16, 2005
On this day:


Guy goes to work in the Australian Outback. Apart from the other workers on the site, and the landlord of the local bar, there is no-one around for miles.

After 3 months, Guy goes into the bar and gets chatting with the Landlord. Eventually he gets round to the subject of what they do for "female company".

"Aww there's no Sheila’s round these parts, mate, all we can offer is Jeff in the back room for $20".

"Oh I think I'll give it a miss" says Guy "I'm not really like that".

So he leaves the bar and gets on with his work.

3 months later he goes into the bar, and his need for "relief" is getting greater. Again he chats with the Landlord and eventually he asks if the situation regarding "female company" has changed. "Nope" replies the landlord "still all we can offer is Jeff in the back room for $20".

"As I said, I don't think I'll bother because I'm not really like that".

Another 6 months passes and Guy is getting desperate for some sexual relief. So he goes into the bar and asks if there are any "ladies" in town.

"Sorry" says the landlord "Just Jeff in the back room".

By this time Guy is really desperate so he asks "If I do go into the backroom with Jeff, how many people will know".

"7" says the landlord.

"7, why so many?"

"Well there's you, me and Jeff: and the four guys who hold Jeff down because he's not really like that either!!!!"

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