May 18, 2005
On this day:

15 reasons to become a mother

  1. Who wants to work for money?
  2. I wondered what it felt like to be a slave.
  3. I wanted to understand the true meaning of the phrase “skid mark”.
  4. I wanted to know how long I could go without sleep.
  5. I needed someone to tell me how stupid I am on a regular basis.
  6. I wanted an in-house fashion critic.
  7. I was tired of having a flat, little stomach.
  8. I wondered what stretch marks looked like.
  9. I wondered what it would be like to push an 11 lb. watermelon out of my crotch.
  10. I wanted to join the “Hemorrhoids for Life” club.
  11. Who doesn't want to wash, dry and fold 10 loads of launder per day?
  12. I always wanted to have a small being hanging off my teats for hours each day.
  13. I enjoy cleaning vomit off myself/the carpet/my car seats.
  14. I was tired of going to the bathroom alone.
  15. It sounded like a good idea after a glass of wine.

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