April 28, 2005
On this day:

Why is it?

  1. That your teachers/parents tell you to carry scissors with the sharp end pointing towards you? Like you want to stab yourself if you bump into something.

  2. People say that motorcycles are dangerous? After all how many news reports have you heard that say "A motorcyclist was in collision with a bus, killing all passengers and the driver and he walked away with nary a scratch"?

  3. You can make so many delicious things out of just flour and milk?

  4. Your friends never tell you that you've got a trail of toilet paper half a mile long hanging from your arse when you're just about to chat up a beautiful girl?

  5. Your mum always says "If you fall from that tree/haystack/cliff face and break your legs don't come running to me"?

  6. That the more hair I lose from my head, the more hair grows on my back? Seriously, I look like a scalped pink gorilla!

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