March 22, 2005
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He wants YOU to pay £10k to fight case

By Phil Nettleton

A COCAINE smuggler is suing his prison for £50,000 - because he claims his mattress is uncomfortable.

And cheeky Desrick Hutchinson, 29, is applying for up to £10,000 of taxpayers' cash to fund the barmy case.

Disabled Hutchinson - serving 11 years for smuggling cocaine into Heathrow in his wheelchair - says prison bosses breached his human rights by not providing him with a special £2,000 mattress. In a High Court writ he says he needs it because he can't use his legs, has trouble sleeping because of pressure sores and feels suicidal.

A prison source said: "This is unbelievable and the sad thing is he could actually win the case. Prison staff do not believe he is unwell enough to justify a disabled mattress. It's scandalous prisoners are allowed to make these claims."

Jamaican Hutchinson, jailed in April 2003, is suing Stuart Mitson, director of Rye Hill jail, Warwicks.

His claim comes as it is revealed prisoners cream off millions because the Home Office settles cases out of court rather than contest them.

Lags have even claimed for breakfast being late and a watch lost in the post. Conman Karl Jones got £250,000 saying a fall left him impotent. He later had a daughter.

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