March 14, 2005
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Design faults

I actually found AskTog while researching material at work. I work as a computer programmer for those that don't know, but it was when I read this that I realised it's not just computer users that have suffered from poor design.

November 4, 2004: Air Force pilot, Maj. Roberto Balzano, his F-16 jet fighter lined up on the training school below, squeezed the trigger, strafing the facility with 27 rounds of 20mm ammunition, sending 8 of the deadly 2-inch slugs crashing through the roof to wreak havoc within.

Another terrorist training camp wiped from the face of the earth? Not exactly. The target he struck was the Little Egg Harbor Township Intermediate School in New Jersey.


The only reason no one was killed was that the pilot's night time training mission took place while the kids were home, tucked into bed.

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